I have a new obsession and it’s slowly starting to take over my life and my kitchen. In every corner there’s some kind of food or drink bubbling away. Yes, I’m talking about fermentation. It’s starting to become a bit of a problem. Seriously. My kitchen just doesn’t have enough room for all of the fermented foods and drinks I want to make. In order for fermentation to be a success, there needs to be at least 4ft of distance between each thing fermenting. I want to ferment more, but I’m barely able to squeeze in what I have now! It’s tragic, really. I’m going to have to start getting creative about where I can put all of my goodies and do it in a way that won’t drive my family insane. Whenever I feel sad about all the fermentation I’m missing out on due to lack of space, I just picture having a nice new kitchen with a huge pantry someday. It gives me something to look forward to.

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Castile soap was traditionally made with olive oil and animal fat, but is made today using vegetable oils like palm, coconut, hemp, jojoba, and olive. This is my go-to for everything that needs cleaning in my house, including myself. It’s a toxin-free alternative to the store bought all-purpose cleaners, shampoos, dish soaps, hand soaps, etc. Even a lot of the so-called “green” cleaners aren’t actually toxin-free. It’s important to be aware of the chemicals we’re using. Here are a few to watch out for: Continue reading