As most of you know, I’m obsessed with essential oils. I use them on a daily basis to help with various things: pain, anxiety, immune support, insomnia, to name a few. My favourite way to use essential oils is diffusing them. It doesn’t matter what I diffuse, it instantly lifts my mood. I’ve even been bringing my diffuser to work with me and I’ve noticed a huge change in my mood while teaching. I feel more energized, patient, and relaxed. Continue reading


I completely forgot to write a post last week and I didn’t realize that I had forgotten until the weekend. That just goes to show how crazy my November has been so far. It’s the month of change for us, as we get ready to move. Anyone who has gone through a move knows how much work it is. Even just having to change your address takes work. The thing that keeps me motivated through all of this is knowing that, in 3 weeks time, we’ll be on our way to Disneyland! Peter’s never been, so I’m excited to take him there. Actually, Peter’s never really been on a big trip before so, even though he’s slightly nervous not knowing what to expect, it will be a really great time away together. We’ll be driving down to Anaheim, making some stops along the way, going to Universal Studios, Disneyland, and San Diego Zoo. We’ll be visiting my cousin in Santa Cruz on the way home and we’ll do a day trip to San Francisco. We’ll also drive along the Oregon Coast and do some shopping at the outlets. Twelve whole days away together and then Christmas is here! I don’t know about all of you, but December is looking like it’ll be my favourite month this year. Let’s be honest, December is always my favourite. December and October. You just can’t beat those months. Continue reading


“There’s an oil for that!” is one of my most used phrases. It’s always the answer when people tell me about their aches and pains, anxiety and stress, insomnia, acne, and the list goes on. I started using essential oils over a year ago, but didn’t start using them on a daily basis until about 4 months ago. Now Peter and I have our daily oil routine. Continue reading