I have a new obsession and it’s slowly starting to take over my life and my kitchen. In every corner there’s some kind of food or drink bubbling away. Yes, I’m talking about fermentation. It’s starting to become a bit of a problem. Seriously. My kitchen just doesn’t have enough room for all of the fermented foods and drinks I want to make. In order for fermentation to be a success, there needs to be at least 4ft of distance between each thing fermenting. I want to ferment more, but I’m barely able to squeeze in what I have now! It’s tragic, really. I’m going to have to start getting creative about where I can put all of my goodies and do it in a way that won’t drive my family insane. Whenever I feel sad about all the fermentation I’m missing out on due to lack of space, I just picture having a nice new kitchen with a huge pantry someday. It gives me something to look forward to.

I told you I was obsessed! Continue reading


Growing up in the Fraser Valley means that you have to learn to deal with a lot of rain. Some people can’t wait for summer to come and for the rain to stop, but I’m actually the opposite. Rainy weather is my favourite kind of weather. There’s just something about a rainy day that always puts me in the best mood. On rainy days, I enjoy snuggling up with a good book, drinking tea and, the cherry on top, eating a big bowl of comforting soup.  Continue reading


This is one of mine and Peter’s favourite meals because the flavour combinations are so delicious and refreshing. I remember my Aunt would usually bring this salad to family get-togethers and I always took seconds. I had thought to make it for Peter before, but wasn’t sure if he’d like the cold pasta. I was proven wrong when my cousin made it for us a few months ago and Peter ate more of the salad than the rest of the meal. We’ve had it almost weekly ever since. Continue reading


As I sit here writing this, my rat, Scooter, is staring at me eat my oatmeal. He loves oatmeal. You may have noticed that I didn’t post anything last week and that’s all thanks to Scooter. Pet owners know that having animals in your home generally means that at some point you’ll get hurt, hopefully unintentionally. I was beginning to think that rats were the perfect pets. My girls, Sherlock and Watson, never ever bite or scratch too hard. They’re so sweet and gentle. Then we got Scooter and he’s just a big ball of energy! Continue reading


For as long as I can remember, my Grandad’s lentil soup has been one of my favourite things to eat. The lentils, cloves, lemon juice, and potatoes make this a flavourful and filling meal. The first time I made it for Peter, he told me that it reminded him of a lentil soup that his Mum used to make. I knew that meant that it would become something that we’d eat on a regular basis. Continue reading


I’m not a big carb person, I would rather snack on fruit or veggies rather than have a muffin. Peter, however, loves muffins. One day he asked me if I could make him barberry muffins so I said I would try to find a recipe. Barberry muffins don’t seem to exist. I decided to use a recipe for a Persian muffin and make some modifications. These are now Peter’s absolute favourite muffins! If you can’t find barberries, you could substitute with dried cranberries or dried sour cherries. It’s worth tracking down some barberries though because they are delicious! Continue reading


Ghormeh Sabzi was the first Persian meal I ever attempted to make. I was so nervous because I desperately wanted to get it right to impress Peter. He raved about his Mum’s cooking so I knew that the bar had been set very high. I had cooked for him before and he always liked it, except for the time I made spaghetti squash and he politely told me that it would be okay with him if we never ate it again. We haven’t eaten it since! My first attempt at Ghormeh Sabzi wasn’t so great, but Peter let me down easy and said that it was “good, but not quite how Mum used to make it”. I did some research to figure out what I had done wrong, made some adjustments, and attempted it again. This time it was successful! Continue reading